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November 1, 2011


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I am just waiting on someone to have Brave's only line thus far with Courage the dog peeking out of the corner.

The copy and paste here is kinda funny LOL.  First panel we see it colored but on the 3rd panel we see the silhouette version.  which makes you wonder if bleed's previous silhouettes do have the full detail version out as well.

The sky in the background apparently is getting brighter.  So morning is coming soon?  

And Red waking up would've been a nicer touch if it matches with the grey background which is a tribute to endling's comic which is mostly done in Black and white.  

HEY LOOK! GT cameo! Do you see it?! it's in 3 panels! man GT just took over this universe too! SO POPULAR!

Good job on :icondmajorboss: on this page.  Though I think Red saying Thank you once was good enough no need for two.



And...ANOTHER SILHOUETTE ON THE VERY FIRST PANEL!  At least it's somewhat excusable, since it's not a close up.

Page's pacing is actually good.  Dialog isn't all over the place like previous pages.  There is always one thing that bugs me Bleedman draw tits really weird or what? :P  It's like it's sagging.

Edit: OH crap! I didn't realize this until my friend told me that there's something "RISING" that's way too close to a certain male anatomy...I looked at the page again and...AHAHAHAHAHAH!! oh god! look at that "pillar" that puts mimi closer to the golem's face.  just so happen it's close to his nether region :P

Oh yeah that's bad placement!  Could've easily been done by the golem grabbing her or something.


Edit: deviation removed due to Griddles trying to cover up that he made a mistake.  Can't let that happen.  Nope didn't even apologize.

An incident occured today that I was notified about that I think deserved some attention and I think it's very important.

:iconstarvalerian: and :icongriddles:  apparently "co owned" a character that's recently portrayed in a fighting game esque selection screen of sort *shrug*  


I saw the picture earlier but didn't think twice about any sort of problem until Starvalerian herself noted me that she was pissed about the situation.  So after looking over the situation and seeing the comments from both of them.  The conclusion shows that Griddles didn't properly address the presentation of the character to the coowner.  Therefore violating their agreement.  HMM! ya know I could've sworn this happened before...yeah...something about a leak? a comic of sort?  


emm...i don't like the right side...:I
you didn't even talk to me about just smacked it there. >:I


Natural side-effects.

Clearly disregarding the situation and cared more about why the character turned into a zombie like state.  Should've addressed why he thinks he has priority on how to make the character when he was suppose to be co owner.

Unless of course he meant natural side effects that he's a thieving back stabbing asswhipe...but i'm sure he's not that kind of person right?

This is NOT canon.
It's not fair that you go off and made something extremely different about her. You didn't even ask me or something.

Yep it's non-canon.

A lot of this series is. It's just for fun.

ONce again ignoring the real problem and claim "it's just for fun" could've sworn the just for fun part is essentially what creating a character together is all about.

Warning to those who CO OWNED a character with anyone.  Safest bet is to never share your character with anybody and stick to any work based on the character to be virtually a fanart.

inb4 Griddles claim that the artwork is a fanart of the character that is coowned by him and star.  

Work ethic sometimes shows in other ventures eh?




ya know if the convention center where they reside in is dim.  Those labcoats shouldn't be that bright in terms of the base color and should be close to grey.  

In fact the previous page shows that it isn't that damn dim to begin with.  Should look similar to how Dexter's labcoat is…

see? I think I know why, he used my previous color palette to do his LOL.

I would put in Dexter, Olga, Bubbles, Jack, Honeydew on the 2nd panel.  A bit too Courage centric here.  Would be nice to show Bubbles or Honeydew trying to push back the Bugs.

pacing's actually fine, just need a bit more on the content of the actual panels.

Sorry for the lack of updates internet have been screwing up, so I couldn't do a proper ustream show at all because of how random it disconnects :/

First up.


remember a few days back when BR says if you're going to uncensored the curse words you might as well do it to all the pages.  WEll this is the same case, if you're going to make all the gore scene uncensored do that as well.  Silhouettes left and right, and on the first panel.

I'm waiting for Mimi to yell out MA...mAZINNN GOO!!!…

I like how Raven looks nothing like a 40 plus year old.  Or does it say somewhere in the comic that she's immortal or whatever and doesn't age?


But what's a GT without our WWE champion on his performance!

"how relevant is Mimi´s fear in the actual GT storyline?"

how´s current updates contribute to the story argument of WHAM?

=Griddles 2 days ago
Mimi's fear ties in to what she ultimately becomes in GT later. It represents her humanity being torn away.

Oh good, it's vague and still answers the question, not spoiling things unnecessarily at all.

"and how does that help the development of the gtwham story argument?"

=Griddles 1 day ago
Mimi was sent in search of the Hand for her father. Her father knew that in the process she'd revisit this moment in her life. This is her punishment for defying him.  

...n/m...literally the 2nd question later he opens his yap.


Yeah, a lot of people like to think they know what's gonna happen before it happens.

Ever since the comic entered Mimi's human past, people have been jumping to swift conclusions. It's unavoidable.

Actually a lot of people like to think they know what just happened and it's called you getting into PPGD territory on purpose to gain attention.  Ever since the comic entered her "human" past.  OH WAIT she's human?  LOL! spoiler again.  See, folks just because you look "human" doesn't mean you're considered one, there's something called mutants and metahumans.  They're not "human"

But it's probably just a fuck up on his end.  Notice most of the claim was because he was stepping on someone else's boundaries.  I myself personally don't care if Raven's the mother, or Jr's the father or whoever the hell it is.  It's how this guy handles situation that is damn unprofessional.  But who am I to hold a high standard for Bleedman and Griddles for quality in both the comic and themselves as the ones delivering the material to the fans.

And why is he thinking that people are complaining about something that hasn't happened yet?  Majority of the complaints are basically how he just utilize Raven as part of this story when she doesn't need to be.  Reason being is because of how he handles the character.  Griddles does this in his fiction where a character that comes out of left field fights with his girls.  I believe he included Godzilla and Gigan.  Then I believe a Metal gets better,  Scorpion from mortal kombat.  Kingdom hearts...DBZ...SAILOR fucking moon....You see what I mean?  You can still make Metal gear and scorpion or whatever exist in the same universe but not as a factor that moves the story.  Hell they can remain exactly what they are, Videogames or stories in that world.

But in any case, Griddles said that the story for GT wham will be "short" so let's see if it ends exactly as intended.  I bet you right now he'll continue GT as long as he can just so he can work with Bleed.  

Ya know the funny part is about all this, when I joked around about Fred fredburger is the dad of JR and crap like that, it's actually more true to the characters and the environment the original show it's based on.  Now that's just sad that a parody is more accurate than what you're presenting as a serious storyline.

Can't wait for the next page!...More silhouettes! BRING EM!  show that effort!



We sorta adapted Raven's various versions, Rocksteady-style, but we mostly took it from her TT version to stick with Bleed's MO.

Next page is on the way. It'll reveal the result of Him's attack.

You probably thought Raven was alive.


It's just Chuck Testa.

ya know, I think Bleedman should make a form of an agreement with all his team members present and future.  The very first agreement should say " DO NOT SAY A DAMN WORD ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THE COMIC"

I don't mind him commenting on the Raven design, that's absolutely fine.  But the statement afterward is exactly why he should shut the fuck up.  NEXT PAGE IS ON THE WAY! IT'll REVEAL THE RESULT OF HIm's ATTACK!...WHOOOO!!!...ARE YOU EXCITED NOW THAT I TOLD YOU WHAT"S GOING TO BE ON THE NEXT PAGE?!

See, this would've been ok if it's an episode or some shit, but it's a fucking page! it's literally the next few seconds of an episode that you see on television.  And I use this comparison to show you guys the pacing.  YOu don't fucking tell the audience what's going to happen next!  its' like that idiot in the movie who spoil every fucking scene in the movie before it's about to happen.

SHUT THE FUCK UP! Let the audience read your fucking comics.


So...apparently from a trusted Source Blossom is Mimi's mother...and to think the "story" wasnt stupid enough BOOM this shit happens. It's like the series is TRYING to be bad.

=Griddles 8 hours ago
You been reading? It's Raven. she is the mother.  Oh wait wait! LOL it's still up for interpretation despite it's clearly stated that she is the mother!  Yup just like the timeline debacle a few weeks back.

I still say the mother is Nightmare moon.  Him loves horsedicks.  Oh wait wait this is alternate reality HIm! yeah! this is why he's not a tran.

no dude it isnt...for a couple reasons. look at how Mimi looks the reasemblance is closer to Blossom or that could be Bleedmans shitty artstyle and two, Raven has enough dignity to get an abortion if she knew her daughter was mimi

"Oohh that's a bit disrespectful to Mimi, don't you think? Mimi's been raised quite lovingly despite the bleak situation.

I'd say she's loved very much." about if you stop saying that she is raised in a loving environment and actually ...i dunno...SHOW that she is?  Make Bleed draw it.  BTW the filler is reaching almost a chapter all about mimi.

Can't wait for next year where GT continues to hold the other 2 comics back once more!

LOL! not really important to the comics updates and such, but I find it hillarious someone said this in Griddles' page.

"Hey dude! You're artwork is AMAZING! It kind of looks like 's. It's almost like you and he are the same person......."

Majority of the Bleedman fanbase everybody!




Good job vinz! Brave looks awesome.

And oh LOOK ANOTHER SILHOUETTE! stop doing that Vinz, it's terrible.  Show at least Hansel clearly visible, this looks like someone gave the wolf a headshot from elsewhere instead of a punch.

overall a decent page.  The last few panels could've been done better, no ditto eyes etc.

And nice job to :icondmajorboss: even though I know he has a lot of health issues he still comes in and do his job.


this is how you properly answer a fan.

To answer your question on snafu fourms the reason people are getting angsty about the rrb not showing up is when we first saw them 8 years ago we all thought (we the readers) they were going to have huge roles in the story if they are not then there's no point of them being there in the first place that's like saying there's no point of voldemort being the main antagonist in harry potter if he's not the main character.

they are a major role in the story but your comparison is not accurate: Bell and Dr. X are demonstrably the main antagonists, the boys are not.

I also am not a fan of color-coded shipping, so you won't see that focused on a lot either.

They will show up, but they might not be exactly what everyone had in mind: it's hard for me to even begin to compete with the expectations of hundreds of thousands of viewers over years and years of built up imagined scenes.

So I often try directly to subvert those expectations.

And most importantly if you're going to give hints...this is how you do it :P make it as fucking descreet as possible

I've got a scene in mind that will create a dozen youtube videos set to music by Evanescence and the like just using one panel from that scene.

Yeah, I'm pretty aware of how goofy the internet is.

I just think it was short-sighted and basically a dick move by Griddles to not even try to stop Bleedman, who is a swell sweet guy but not very organized when it comes to writing his stories which is why he literally has a staff of writers to help him.

I appreciate the support. TY

Griddles has been exploitative ever since he got his reputation with Bleedman, really.

He wrote some fiction and won a contest of sorts, if I was informed correctly, then worked with Bleedman as a spell-checker and basic editor, and gradually became more important to the actual writing.

In 2007, Bleedman disagreed with his decision to make Bell a gynoid (a term I find a trifle creepy given the context, referring to a female humanoid robot, as "andro" as a word root means "man" and "gyno" as a word root means "woman"; basically trying to enhance the lolicon sex appeal of Bell).

Seiryuga was one of Bleedman's best buddies at the time, and I talked to him on and off for years just on my IM, and he asked me if I could write something better, knowing that I have ambition to write. I said I could, and so got an audience with both Bleed and Griddles on Skype. Bleed liked my concept, and Griddles never forgave me for what amounted to arguing with him over the direction of PpGD.

No lie, Griddles has dedication to his writings, which is admirable, or at least it was until he took a wild tangent off into becoming absorbed in how pretty all his OCs are.

I do believe that Griddles went off into his whole deep elaborate series of fanfictions partly in rebellion to me taking what was the job he ultimately wanted.

This move in GT? It's basically an extension of that, I feel. Griddles will deny it up and down all day, because he's really good at phrasing his words to indicate that his opinion is good and pure and What Actually Is True and that anyone else has just rambled and Offered Their Competing Opinion.


Challenge has been sent!


oh look you're cursing again man that's really edgy griddles

and how weird it looks like cursing was also censored earlier in GT just like SB!

now don't misunderstand me, if you and bleedman had decided cursing was always fine and it had always been there, i would have absolutely no issue

but see well

you're being structurally inconsistent in allowing this.


just once, try to at least maybe even pretend to argue with bleedman and show me the email or chat log of it so i can see how wonderful and valiant your defense was in keeping the structural inconsistency out of the comic.

since it's always bleedman's call and you have no say, i'd like to get a visual confirmation that you guys ever disagree, indicating something to your general ability to not simply follow orders if you know the orders are bad.

otherwise i'm just going to think YOU put it in and square the blame for an ERROR like this solely on YOU.

and don't try to argue with me to tell me it isn't an error. it is.

if you want to fix it, you either go reupload the previous pages with the censored cursing and replace them all with uncensored curse words, or you get rid of the curse word on this page.

It's not an argument, see. I'm just telling you what you have to do, what amount of work you think is worth correcting this error. If you don't respect bleedman or the comic enough, you can just leave the inconsistency. you are literally making the comic look worse by deciding on that, but you can do it. whatever you prefer.

..oh Shet!  Someone just got owned!  calling out on them inconsistencies!

Let's see what our WWE CHAMPION HAS TO SAY!


Bleed initially DID have him stabbing her, but what with Bo STILL alive in SB after getting something similar, we decided to do it differently.

Additionally, there was no disagreement about the cursing. The only change I recommended was the way it was presented in the speech bubble. Told him to embolden it and make it red, like his other exclamations from earlier.

And...completely botched!

Consistency. Nothing but consistency. I won't curse in PpGD because I don't think it's necessary. The farthest I will go are the PG curses of Ass Damn and Hell.

In a story where it makes sense and is useful, cursing can do what it does in the real world, and lend proper emphasis.

Out of place and especially so in a comic that previous censored curse words: It looks silly.

But Griddles has said to me that he'll try to make Bleedman go back to edit the previous pages to fit the tone of this evolution in the comic, so hey, good on ya, Griddo. I wonder if anything will come of it.

Probably not.

Once again Beeare tries to tell griddles to be consistent nothing else.  And that cursing is actually an important part of a dialogue if it's done properly.

I'm only hoping to do it so that bitching over something as superfluous as what kind of cusswords comes out of a person's mouth in this comic no longer occurs.

Code: Blood Sugar cares.

LOL he's only doing it so nobody will bitch about the cursing.  Completely not taking into account about how beeare professionally is telling him how it's important.

Plus a strange gold object he wants to bury into her skull. But for what?

AHAHAHAHAAHAHH!! he cant shut the fuck up!.  OH YES! before that gold object on her head was a damn ornament to some people.  Oh but for GRiddles! OH NOES! I have to tell the audience in the forums that it's something IMPORTANT!.  That's right tell them in the forums.  Not on an upcoming page!  OH NO SIR!  THat's not how GT team works at all!  Why bother making a comic when you tell the fucking audience what's going to happen next?




Seriously, if you're going to have someone get hurt stop doing this goddamn silhouette shit on the point of impact.

And this was a good chance to show HIm using one of his supernatural powers...Oh but why do that when you have a knife!...yeah...him using a knife...very on character.

No, mimi's not saying MAMA.  She's saying "M...Manners".  Cuz ya know cursing is just so awesome! Definitely catering to those kids!


-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- 22. Rating = Awesome: who told you bout the traitor
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- 22. Rating = Awesome: D:
Night: I'm am from ze fuwta! I know everything! C:
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- 22. Rating = Awesome: but seriously, well done
Night: Haha thanks it came to me one day while watching Seir's streams
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- 22. Rating = Awesome: i guess that ruins my trolling attempts tho
Night: Lol Counter trolled!
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- 22. Rating = Awesome: and thus im outwitted
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- 22. Rating = Awesome: you can send this chatlog to Seir too
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- 22. Rating = Awesome: XD
Night: Haha he'd love that c:


Gonna have fun with this one.  Ok kids let's play a game.  Can you tell me what went wrong in this conversation?



LOve that message Rating = Awesome.  Too bad that rating doesn't get you anything towards the end.  By the way he mentioned me again *shrug*

What happen to trying to ignore me and all that?

Here let me do that formula a bit better Ratings + Sales = profit.  Profit - Legal issues = No ratings.  Math is fun don't you kids think so?

But ya know he can still go on with the idea that the traitor is Naga and Nightmare moon, I mean pfft who reads my journal anyways rite? :P




-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- Hitler! bin Laden! Kim Jong Il! Two and a Half Madmen: and i gotta endure their idiocy
Night: Well what can you do?
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- Hitler! bin Laden! Kim Jong Il! Two and a Half Madmen: frankly i wanna fucking troll them
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- Hitler! bin Laden! Kim Jong Il! Two and a Half Madmen: like Bleed did in his uploads recently
Night: Oh? How so would you?
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- Hitler! bin Laden! Kim Jong Il! Two and a Half Madmen: Mimi's mother might be just enough in fact
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- Hitler! bin Laden! Kim Jong Il! Two and a Half Madmen: who do you think it is?
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- Hitler! bin Laden! Kim Jong Il! Two and a Half Madmen: gotta head out for a little
-=-=-=-Griddles-=-=-=- Hitler! bin Laden! Kim Jong Il! Two and a Half Madmen: back later!
Night: Okie dokie!

Ya know...if you're going to "TROLL" about shutting the fuck up and actually do it unexpectedly.  HOly god you can't even plan it right because you want that attention so badly.  Oh yeah can't forget how this guy leaked GTAB out.

There's a difference between Trolling, and keeping it quiet.  See, bleedman is actually doing the right thing by saying "no comment" to the audience.  He lets his work do the talking and that's how it's supposed to be.  Although he should've cleared it up because there were a lot of people that got angry when they found out about the whole timeline is the same thing.  Then winds up that it wasn't the case at all and that Griddles is just full of shit.  SO no worries there.

Oh look calling the fans of the comic "IDIOTS"  yeah great way to show that you appreciate their support.  Oh wait that's right it's ok for you to call them an idiot because "THEY'll read it anyways".  I could've sworn the comic is ...I dunno FREE?!  No shit they'll read it anyways, if it's for sale they wouldn't even buy it ...LOL! that's right it couldn't get on sale LOL!

It doesn't even matter what comic Bleedman updates!  It will always get viewers.  If that's the case start doing something original therefore you can actually make money off of it later.

Oh god I know he's reading this shit right now and he'll say this "WE're comfortable where we're at right now and neither of us want to make money off of our products"

When we can see that Bleedman's intention is clear, he wants to make "MONEY" with his product because he's charging people for it.

In B 4 Griddles say obvious comebacks.  I'll list some of them.

1.  I do as I was told that's why I'm still hired, and that's why ur fired etc etc. Which countered with I got fired with a moron who can't handle two comics let alone 3 comics.  Which I told him it would be bad in terms of productivity if he does all 3.  And you're still hired because you're Bleedman's porn fiction fodder.

2.  NExt time talk to someone who's in the loop.  Oh right you wanna talk to someone who bullshit, lies, leaked, say opinions like they're facts.

3.  GTAB didn't get fucked up by me or Bleedman it was Dave's fault   Yes because knowing that it was going on sale before the actual production ran is definitely not considered fucking up.  OH SHIT WE DIDN"T KNOW COPYRIGHTED CHARACTERS AREN"T GOING TO SELL LEGITLY!  


Mimi's body is frail and weak because her powers leave her susceptible. She needs to wheelchair to get around because of them. Rather than have the jewel, she's left debilitated.

Could it be possible for her to walk under her own power? Maybe. But she's never really tried because she could get hurt.

Ya know, instead of actually telling the audience that she's weak and her powers leave her susceptible and the maybe able to walk with them bla bla bla.

How bout you "SHOW IT"  Or if this don't matter afterwards because we see the bitch leaping and walking just fine and able to take care Scooberus.

stop trying to get attention to yourself.  you're saying this in the forums you're drawing attention to yourself and not the comic.  If you want the comic to get the attention YOU DRAW IT ON THE COMIC.  Not mention it in the forum.



I'd be a perfectly content man to never see Betty in any form in this comic again

1.  You said you don't care what PPGD does.
2.  If you don't care why would you be content to never see betty again?  
3.  A good writer would always write about what happened to the characters that was introduced in the story earlier on instead of ignoring them just because they have a weird animosity towards that character.
4.  He's probably reading this :P

"rowdy ruff would've showed up already if it wasn't for GT WHAM updates. Go blame bleedman on that one."


??? didn't he say he doesn't care what I say about the comics?  Oh rite...same guy who ran away and claim he doesn't care what I say and yet still comes to my stream :P

But i'm guessing he's laughing because it's not true?  I'm pretty sure he gloated when he was glad that PPGD and SB were being held back by GTAB and now Wham.

And yes's because of bleedman's faulty scheduling...Or is that your thing now where you do what bleed do.  Because bleedman usually just do a smily for a reply.  Keep at it you're becoming just like him.  

NEW PPGD page!…

GODDAMIT! BEEARE! wtf is this shit?!  that's 50 percent fucking panel MINUS!


Facebook sillyness
Seiryuga Pray WOW! the coloring is so good!...Oh wait...that's mine! LOL!
Yesterday at 1:15pm · Like

Bleedman (Vinson Ngo) Nice try, whoever the hell you are :| Don't fake Seir, bitch!
5 hours ago · Like

LOL! I don't know wether to be glad that he defended me or the fact that he thinks I'm an impostor LOL.



Let's be fair.

I am not part of the PPGD team and have no intention of being part of it again.

But I think I speak for everyone when I say-

Fuck the Rowdyruff Boys. Here's to another 8 years.

I see, so if your "boss" bleedman tells you to be on PPGD you'll refuse right?  

I don't think Bleedman is capable of doing this for 8 more years.  And I sincerely hope he'll find another source of income in a much more healthier way.  All that workload will soon catch up to him.

Not sure if this already have been posted but I think i got a few new comments for it :P


No, because Mimi is a deep character and the comic provides a means of shedding some light on her mysterious past. And that's exactly what people wanna see.

There's been very little violence in this Grim Tale compared to the other comics on Snafu right now. This is a story, first and foremost. Consider that...

EXACTLy what people wanna see?  So people complained about the PPGD timeline combining into tell them to fuck off...But when it comes to Mimi's past! OH YEAH! EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE THIS!...did you do a poll? did you do a research if this is what they want?..I could've sworn before WHAM was even made, everyone wanted GTAB.  Not Mimi's past.

Little violence or not I don't think it matters.  Yeah it's a story it's already taken into consideration since it's a comic...what's your point? :P

No, I never said I'm the best writer ever.

And no, I didn't fuck GT up. Get over it.

You're right, Bleedman, and you fucked it up :]  Can't give you all the credit.

No you never said you're the best writer.  But you did say You're damn good! LOL!  that in itself is egotistical.

Or you can do what 99% of people do and that's enjoy the comic for what it is.

Grow a pair and drop this childishness.


That's like saying enjoy ANYTHING for what it is.  So it's ok if the story is bad or the art is bad.  JUST YA KNOW! ENJOY IT FOR WHAT IT IS!...Oh god he comes out with more catchphrases than excuses!

I love the fact he called someone a child..when...well...look at his gallery...yeah! :P


Mimi's father is exactly who the comic has portrayed it as. This isn't another Junior situation where papa is a mystery.

Mimi's father is Him.

Since it's up for viewer's interpretation on everything according to him.  I say the father is Fred Fredburger.

A new GT! YAYY!!!!


lol...reverse silhouette! ssssssssssssshmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

This took 3 days to make?  Step on it Bleed, you're able to do a page update right on the very next day!


New month! new journal :D

Livestream was lively today, with more hilarity from our favorite writer.

According to Griddles it's "HIS" opinion that the timeline in GT and PPGD is the  same...LOL...OK...last I check if you're writing a dont put down "opinions" you write down "facts" on how the story is told.

I'm no writer on this! so maybe someone can clear this up for me.  I mean sure you can have the readers form what their opinion would be of what could've happened towards the end if it's open ended.  But other than that if it's established that the two worlds are combined then that becomes fact.  Am i right?

It's not up for interpretation when you already stated that it is in the same timeline.  But then it quickly backed up when he showed Bleed's "NO COMMENT" then that's when he changed his tone.  OH er...OPINION! YEAH!


Comissions are OPEN!

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

SKETCH ONLY! until further notice.  Any other orders please note me if it's urgent.

Types of orders:
1 character sketch $5

1 character lineart = $20
1 character full render = $45

1 character Full render (waist up)= $30 Bust.
1 character lineart (waist up) = $15

2 characters or more please note me.

Depending on the detail the price can be changed.  Here's a hint.  The less clothing, the cheaper it is

For guidelines click here...[link]
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Mimi's father is exactly who the comic has portrayed it as. This isn't another Junior situation where papa is a mystery.

Mimi's father is Him.

Since it's up for viewer's interpretation on everything according to him. I say the father is Fred Fredburger.

A new GT! YAYY!!!!


lol...reverse silhouette! ssssssssssssshmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

This took 3 days to make? Step on it Bleed, you're able to do a page update right on the very next day!


New month! new journal

Livestream was lively today, with more hilarity from our favorite writer.

According to Griddles it's "HIS" opinion that the timeline in GT and PPGD is the same...LOL...OK...last I check if you're writing a dont put down "opinions" you write down "facts" on how the story is told.

I'm no writer on this! so maybe someone can clear this up for me. I mean sure you can have the readers form what their opinion would be of what could've happened towards the end if it's open ended. But other than that if it's established that the two worlds are combined then that becomes fact. Am i right?

It's not up for interpretation when you already stated that it is in the same timeline. But then it quickly backed up when he showed Bleed's "NO COMMENT" then that's when he changed his tone. OH er...OPINION! YEAH!
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PtolemaiosLS Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey wait, what the hell, they took down last SB page

[link] last page is "Fire Works in the Night" again
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
could be an error. Or could be Dave trying to kill off Brave instead of having him victorious LOL...which then I would laugh my ass off.
TheonknownKLAW Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Student Filmographer
is it me, or is Snafu not working?
StarValerian Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011
maybe instead of her saying thank you 2 times , it should have been like "Thank you..."
to the next panel "..For the happy ending. I think I'll be going now."
or something. e u e;

Just tossing that out there or something. I noticed the thank you was repetitive.
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
yahr, tell that to :icondmajorboss:

LOL I'm not inovlved in the comics no more remember? XD
StarValerian Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011
i know
just tossing that out there. = 3 =
sly-sora-star Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What's the GT reference? I'm being distracted by all the silhouettes. :P
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
look at that hair :P
BlazingBarrager Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah I see the cameo. I also see the fact that it's A LIE!!! :icongwahplz:
PtolemaiosLS Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey wai wai, wtf, read the last SB description on snaffu comics, seems :iconbeeare: is working in the script too
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