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News 10/30/2011

Hah what do you see as a 'good first impression of her character'. You want her to be nice? Friendly? Selfless? That's the OPPOSITE of her character. The incest thing is not a major plot element at this time, so cool your jets. 9/11 was Bleed's and Bleed's alone and fans were given the option of striking it from the record and they chose to let it stay. That's that.

I've no problems when you voice your opinion but it seems to me that you're either being fed information or you're over-reacting WAY too much. Again, I suggest you wait until everything is finished before getting antsy. That way, you won't explode in my face about every little thing along the way

I don't think that person even suggested Mandy being nice.  I think it's the fact that she's humping everything that moves is what's hillarious.  9/11 was bleed's and bleed's alone yet youre the editor who's also the consultant?  SO you agreed to put it in.  There were plenty of fans who didn't like the 9/11.  And even more hillarious Bleed himself said it didn't need to be in there to begin with.  But you're excused you were young back then.  Not that it makes any difference since you still held the same attitude.

Yes...information that you SAID :P

I do agree with Griddles to kick back on the opinions of why the characters are depicted a certain way.  Notice I never stressed this out since this is Griddles' version of that character.

If you guys haven't noticed the things that I have mentioned are mostly art based and their work ethics.  I don't think I criticize the story as heavily.  If anything I'm waiting to see what GT is going to do next, I believe I have said this already.

But little does Griddles know, people have been waiting to see what happens next on all 3 comics.  The fact that he gloats around saying GT is the one everyone talking about is just his ego talking.  Hell his signature even says "WRITER OF GT"  why don't you say.  CHECK OUT GRIMTALES BY BLEEDMAN?!

Right...thought so :]


A) There's no incest beyond Minnie's unrequited feelings for her brother which serve as a downfall to her otherwise pure appearance. It serves its place in the Grim Tales story and from that point onward, it's tame and secondary.

B) A woman having multiple sexual partners doesn't constitute as pornography. Are you a child? Do you not have a proper grasp of the term? There's nothing pornographic depicted with Mandy in Grim Tales. She has her motives for doing it. I fail to see how this or the above point stops it from being a story.

C) Bleed creates the story's outline which can then be altered and modified. I help him to connect the dots, so to speak. I'm also a consult in case he's unclear on something. My grasp on English and vocabulary is stronger than his also.

The fans may have their opinions, which is fine, but they do not control the project. If you want something done in your own sweet way, commission Bleed to draw it for you.

You can talk down to me or Bleed just because you personally disagree with something all you want. Fact is, you're still reading the comic. Like it or hate it, you still tune in. How about you save your opinions til the end? Perhaps you'll have a clearer perspective by then.

Got that?

A.  I see so it's still there and it's well known for it thanks for approving it.

B.  I don't think it's pornographic, but it does make her a whore.  Nothing pornographic sure...but she is a damn slut.  And it doesn't stop it from being a story, but it makes a horrible story when it's straying far from what the original cartoon did.  Not essentially Griddles' fault I'm sure he was just given a synopsis by bleed and he ran with it.  But the serious undertone followed with FUNNY HAHA moments just doesn't cut it.  The original series had some creepy and dark moments about it but it's always followed with a hillarious ending.  I vote for FRED FREDBURGER to be JR's father still.

C.  He creates the story outline, ok...he did the same thing with the other writers, so why are you calling yours the only bleed comic that's still his? It makes no sense since the other writers are doing the same thing.   Oh yes your english is so great, too bad it takes more than just a good speaker and consultant when they write for a comic.

Actually you brought up an interesting point.  If you want something done "ALTERNATELY" you do it in your own way?...that's funny why don't you do that with GT and leave PPGD universe out of it?

People who tuned in to GT or any of the comics wether they hate it or not did it for a reason.  They want to see an improvement.  So that's saying it's ok for you to screw around, because ya know the haters still come anyways?  And saving the opinions till the end?  Who was it that barked PPGD have no plot?  Thought so.

Stop being a hypocrite.

I'd like to personally think GT is moving at an acceptable pace. If that is NOT the general consensus however I can look into changing things.

Notice if people doesn't like the pacing of his story he's willing to change it.  But when it's the content? LOL no go.

I hope he realize Pacing =/= amount of page updates....oh god he probably doesn't.

WARNING SEIRYUGA is pulling a huge rant with lots of cursing, don't worry he's not angry, he just likes to do this when morons are rampant
Beyond the fact that am alternate reality was already established in GT (same one from the PPG comics) and thus would further complicate things if more were to be added, I don't believe I need to say much more than that. So long as Mandy's here and in charge, every reality within her grasp is hers for the taking.

The wife of death and all.

I just skimmed through the pages of PPGD...what alternate reality is he talking about? someone please enlighten me.

I seriously think it's ridiculous why this guy is so persistent into having PPGD in the same reality as GT.  His new excuse is too much alternate realities?

WHAT?!?!?!?!  OK looks like someone is confusing alternate reality with DIFFERENT FUCKING STORY!   

STORY #1 = PPGD, superheroes lots of them doing awesome shit, not fucking everything that fucking moves and have their kids fight for them.

STory #2 = GT, fucks everything including itself!  

See?! Different!

STORY #1 has it's own timeline/characters/story/universe/altuniverse/whatever the fuck else. and never mentions or acknowledge any STOry #2 activity, because they're completely fucking different.  Same goes with goddamn Story #2.


same timeline different story.  
STORY #1 = MANDY doesn't fuck GRIM!

THIS WAY no matter how far they go into the future or back into the fucking past, nobody gets fucked over!


HOLY FUCK! hire a fucking project manager if your fucking boss isn't doing his fucking job like he's supposed to.  HELL GO make a contest out of it! WHOEVER CAN MANAGE the fucking writers gets the goddamn job!  HELL I JUST GAVE YOU THE FUCKING PLAN!  GO ahead seriously take that plan and win that contest!

Better yet! Hire 20 fucking writers and 20 lineartist and 20 fucking colorists! Have bleed do fucking easy as shit rough sketches and the lineartists and colorists will work their ass off for it.  What's the payment?! Simple! they work with Pedoman! and they get to gloat that they're his colorist/writer/lineartist just like this :icongriddles: fucktard has been doing for the last 7 years.

What's that you always say? "Do you need an editor?!"...BITCH!  DO YOU NEED A FUCKING MANAGER?!

Hurry up and make the pages so I can make fun of you idiots the right way!  

News 10/29/2011

Holy shit more argument.  Ya know guys you should do this in skype or something this is a pain in the ass to do LOL

Convergent evolution from one to the other with infinite diversity.

WhAM is alternate to the original GT, for example. In the end, it's interpretation. I am to be persecuted for stating mine.

interpretation as a result of the circumstances you offered with the specific intent to focus between two realms of interpretation.

if i say it is not open to interpretation, and you do, you implicitly support my position that they are separate an immediate 50% less to make way for the 50% of maybe they do on your end

and if you introduce that choice at all, i suspect that you favor it more than you do my side of the argument, and even if you support it by any margin more than the even 50% you are immediately making the decision to usurp control from me. it's not something you can avoid. it is the nature of this circumstance.

not to mention now I have 100% of that prospective 50% of the readers who say that they ARE in the same universe to decide whether or not they like that

rather than making sure that the decision to read the story in PpGD will not be impacted by their knowledge of GT.

when i explained to you the idea that storytelling was an engaging process that must ask the reader to work for their end: this is not what i meant and i am pretty sure you know it, because this isn't giving them a real choice.

By introducing the idea at all, you are telling everyone that your choice is superior and that they should take it because your decision is better than mine.

this is literally the same formal logistical circumstance as the Biblical evidence for the Wisdom of Solomon. I am asking that you not cut a baby in half, and you are. You are being the bad false parent here. Do you understand?

So I'm asking you to respect my decision to keep them separate. Futhermore, i am asking that you go out of your way in one of the pages or one of the comments for the pages to say that they are separate. I really don't think that's too much to ask.

"Well Afterbirth depicted Mandy as having conquered an/the alternate, from which characters like the Powerpunks, Drax and Jomo originate. A third universe could exist where Mandy of that reality didn't rise to be a conqueror, nor did evil usurp. However, THIS Mandy would need a reason to not go after it either (especially if it's in a prosperous peak as shown in 'City of Heroes').

A comment may serve better in that regard.

Nonetheless, half my amusement at the riotous masses is due to the fact that we're barely into the history lesson. I expect more shit to hit the fan when certain facts are revealed.

*hard hat on, batten down hatches*"

"okay hey see you can be flippant and shit all you want but i would rather you just agree to my terms and not continue to parade around the controversy as if it benefited ME as well as you.

because it doesn't, so please stop insisting on making yourself happy to the expense of me and all the readers who agree with me, please. seriously. please."

This really can be solved just by saying GT is in a different universe...which Bleedman agrees upon.  So let me get this straight...ZOning powers! bleedman says no he abides.  But when it's for the good of the other comics...NO! I MUST STILL DO IT! BECAUSE IT MAKES ME THE CENTER OF THE ATTENTION POOL!...OH WAIT! DID I SAY ME?! I MEAN GT!

I swear if I get blamed for this argument I'll be so pissed. :P


I've said it before, man, the readers are free to make up their own minds . I'm curious as to what their opinions would be once everything is said and done, also. It's the people jumping to an immediate conclusion and being rallied by said disgruntled former teammate in order to launch some kind of Rarity-inspired despair meltdown that I consider audacity. Audacity or hilarity - chop and change.

Yes, I've said they're linked in the past. I've been saying that ever since the first comic. I'll shut up and leave it to the readers again.

And yes, I do love the diverse possibilities pertaining to alternate realities.

If you set a situation, you don't let the readers make up their own minds on the matter.  You said that the universe is the same, then the readers will say it's the same because you're saying it.  That's like saying Minnie is a zombie, but the reader is allowed to think what they want to think...PLEASE TAKE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A WRITER!

Curious what their opinion will be when it's done?  Shit I'm more curious when this will be done.  2 more years?  35 pages and counting.  He said this one is short is already passed the rule of a filler ep :]

Being rallied? You moron! they're the ones coming to me, I throw em back at you and then you threw them back at me! not my fucking fault you can't handle audiences!

Hell I dunno what this whole meltdown shit you're talking about.  I'm having fun where this is going.  STOP BLAMING ME FOR YOUR MISTAKES DUMBASS!

Keep being stupid and use bleedman as your scapegoat.  It's entertaining.  And try harder not to mention me! Not exactly hard to do! Bleedman's doing it just fine!

Beeare is fed up with Griddles' bullshit.  A fun read.


hey buddy maybe you shouldn't call fans telling you that you can't subtlely tie the details of comics together "audacity". it's more like they're telling you not to have "audacity".

and i assume you're talking about seiryuga. don't give a shit about seiryuga, don't talk to him a lot these days anyway

Look, that Sgt. Waffles poster is what made me have a beef with this decision that YOU are purporting.

That poster said that the details in your page fucking ruined PpGD for him and he wasn't going to read it.

I figure that it wasn't your specific intent to make him decide that, but that's what happened.

Have some fucking foresight and some fucking honor to accept that your decisions impact people's views of the comic.

That's why I got angry, and that's why I stepped in to assure him that the issue was settled on the side of separation.

Don't weasel your way out of this with a Jim Carrey image macro either, champ. Don't say something like "well it doesn't matter if they are or not" because it does. Even if it didn't in the way you're claiming, me and fans of the comics say that it does, so you can either man up and respect our opinions, or keep complaining that we're ruining your personal fun writing the story.

The comics are separated by a wall of Alternate Realities. Shit, you should love that, because it means Drax in Afterbirth is completely legitimate, and not a dull and lazy "evil dexter" that just adds another obstacle to Afterbirth's being published and legitimate.

btw, Bleedman did not NOT comment, he told me personally that the two are separate and that I must not rewrite things according to this change. My first reaction to the page was to immediately go to him and ask him what i needed to make sure happen for PpGD, because I assumed that by letting you do this, he was making them the same universe, just as everyone else did.

But he didn't, which is why I have gone out of my way to make sure everyone understands that they're in separate universes.

30 years or no 30 year. I didn't like, and apparently a bunch of readers didn't like, the decision to merge the two.

Just because YOU do does not make your opinion more legitimate, so let us have ours and don't disparage us for having it!

And if you want, I'll literally beg you for it, so you can have it in your records that I begged you to do it. I don't care about my fucking dignity, but I do care about losing readers because you spelled out an ending for my story.

Please, man. Just leave it be, okay?

If there's one thing I hate, is that Beeare doesn't tell him to fuck off.  Don't tell Griddles that your'e willing to beg.  Because I'm sure he'll do it.

Other than that, good job!

"Had this idea that Mimi's zoner/psychic ability would protect her in times of danger. Pictured her encasing herself in a pink bubble and floating like Mew as her hair went all cute and billowy, hovering about a foot off the ground.

Bleed nixed it  *SAD FACE*"

Yes because her hair went all cute and billowy is a damn good power to have.  Good job Vinz proud of you on shutting stupid ideas down.  


He did give a rather nice triangle shot in one of the earlier pages (when Mimi was hiding behind a pod prepping one of those angry birds in her sling) but he edited it for release. Convenient shadow censor.

Uncensored is bueno.

But yeah, Mimi's his latest babydoll. Used to be Minnie and before that, Bell. Ginger never really got there. He's protective. Stay back.

As for Blordy's comment, that's essentially true. Bleed's doing GT out of his own time, which he could easily spend earning more money through commissions in order to buy more giant tablets and stuff.

People regardless have the audacity to complain about the current setting of GT, demand apologies and rewrites and proclaim both it and PPGD to be ruined forever, despite the 30 year gap and absolutely no storyline interference from one another. Doesn't help that a certain former staff/Snafu member just CAN'T LET IT GO. Bleed doesn't care to comment on the matter. I really should try and do the same.

I think we have an idea what kind of shot Bleedman drew, so I'll just leave it as that.

Protective? ...from what? copyrights?  Oh wait...this is another one of Griddles' fantasy that he thinks the characters are  real.  N/m carry on.  "DON"T U DARE TOUCH EM! I"M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN MAKE PORNOGRAPHY FROM THEM! YEH!" :P

Griddles doesn't realize that GT is not out of his own time.  HE is doing GT because he's getting paid by Dave.

And yes he can earn more money, but I guarantee you he's putting more time into the comics for a damn reason.  Nobody in the world is stupid enough to put more time into his "HOBBY" over his job.

What do you mean they have the audacity?  Because Bleedman makes a comic and spend hrs on it, they shouldn't complain at all?  Oh yeah that makes sense.  That means even if you did a bad job on it for 2 Plus years.  OH WE CAN"T SAY A THING because you're too stupid to spend that much time into a comic.

I said this before...if it doesn't interfere, then why did Beeare said it does.  If the writer for PPGD said it's fucking something up, then maybe you should've worked with him before stepping into his territory.  If you want to be in PPGD that badly.  ASK first?

Oh Look he's talking about me.  I thought I was nothing :P  And let go of what?  I'm enjoying the show! You moron!  There's a difference me criticizing a page, and not letting go of the fact I got fired.  DO you guy sever hear me say Bleedman is a moron because he fired me?  No.  WEll that's true! LOL  But I never complained about that in the journals.  I have legitimate complain about the quality of the comic, and how they run the comics.  I provide them with constructive criticism.  This is why Griddles and Bleedman is there for 7 years.



There's been very little violence in this Grim Tale compared to the other comics on Snafu right now. This is a story, first and foremost. Consider that...

Yes a story about two siblings that wants to hump each other.  And since other comics are violent it makes it ok for GT to be violent LOL.  Go back to being funny, bleedman's good at it.

I've no need, desire or interest in talking to Seir. He's got nothing to do with the comics. His rants are being ignored by Bleedman.

His opinion counts for nothing but unfortunately, it leads to him sending people like yourself to pester me.

Thank god I have nothing to do with the comics.  OH noes I'm being ignored by bleedman, just like the rest of the people who came to his page :]

OH yes guys my "OPINION" somehow predicted that GTAB wouldn't sell, and Bleedman still stuck doing webcomics that's not of his own creation :D

I think Seir rants cos he still thinks he knows everything and can't let go of the fact that his ass got fired.

But yes, the best thing to do would be to sit back and enjoy. Make judgements when it's over.

I know that you two failed on delivering something and had to take it out on the other comics and members.  LOL he still thinks I'm butthurt from being fired when I'm glad I'm no longer on the team :P

Make judgements when it's over?  LOL is he saying you shouldn't judge the comic yet because it's not over?  er yeah I'm pretty sure I can judge the quality of a single page.  But since he's oblivious to visual art form he thinks that the comic is still a fanfic of his.

I'm just enjoying the show :P  I don't know why he's angry at me.  HEY LET BLeedman know since I'm nothing, he should go back to all the 100 plus pages I did for him and redo them.  I'm nothing yet they still use my characters :]

Have fun!

News 10/28/2011


Ya know, maybe if you want to be funny with this comic.  That's actually a good thing.  Like make her nightmare like something hilarious, then maybe you're actually paying homage to the actual series instead?



I agree with you that, for a time, it worked very well. However it fell apart even before the new GT began. The one that really began to get neglected was SB. I'm sure that if, again, we attempted the month by month thing, something would mess it up.

It would appear that Bleed's interest in his comics tends to vary. He initially cancelled PPGD because he grew tired of it and wanted to shelve it for a while. Now he's brought it back with a story that he doesn't write himself. That's the difference between that and GT. GT is still very much Bleed's story and that's why he is inclined to update it more. A new page is out soon, in fact!

He's right, it got delayed when GTAB was in the making.  SB didn't get neglected, we always told bleed that SB month is coming up and we really want him to do SB in that month's schedule, but like I said in the past.  That's up to him what he wants to update, but always consider those who are waiting on the comics.  

I even told Griddles this in order for Bleedman to also still have time for GTAB...Oh hey guys guess which month did GTAB dived into while the monthly schedule was set up?  If you say Sugar BIts month you're on the right track.

For further proof that GTAB and WHAM caused the delay.  Look at the dates in 2010 update.  Notice December SB started to update more rapidly.  Infact that's the one month that SB had it's most update consecutively.  January 2011 is PPGD month as started with a new chapter for the new year at the time.  THEN OH What's this!? Oh yeah we definitely neglected SB!  February 2011 right?

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...that 2nd paragraph is hillarious.  you...are the writer...why the hell is BLEEDMAN is the one writing the story himself?!

Are you confirming that you're a human Microsoft word then?  I can see why BLeedman wants to work in GT.   Nobody criticizing his artwork, nobody criticizing "his" story.  Oh hell doesn't matter if the story is bad, as long as it's "BLEEDMAN" story right?   Yeah I think anyone who have gotten their hands on GTAB have spoken about how you two work so well together.  

BLeedman has been criticized heavily in the past.  His artwork is great even if they're questionable in terms of execution at times.  But his greatest weakness is the story telling.  THAT is something a writer should be doing.  WRITE It for him!  OH BUT SHIT MAN!  If Bleedman no longer writes 100 percent of the story the comic is no longer his!  

I guess GTAB is not his either then right?  Oh wait a minute, this is around the time where you started your grudge against Beeare.  He started writing PPGD and you spite him because he took it over.  Same goes with Dmajor, you attacked him in the forums as well.

And you always say the same shit.  It's not Bleed's comic anymore because someone else is writing it.  When those two are taking what Bleedman wants and trying to work it into the story.


Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 10:48:15 +0900

Subject: Re: Happy Birthday
From: Bleed
To: Grids
Also concerning the debate my qoute is - "no comment"
People can share, rant or hate about it

OH Thank you bleedman! Thank you for confirming to us that your writer is a lying sack of shit.  And at the same time telling everyone what they're allowed to do..great...Hey Griddles...edit his messages...wait...n/m.

Previous statement by griddles "Bleed's call to merge the two. Since they're both his comics anyway, that's his right."

Is telling the truth about what you want to do in your comics this hard?  Or you say no comment because you really have no clue what your'e doing?

Can't wait for the next update!


"Ahh, I see where you're drawing that from. Context means nothing to some, I guess.

There's no point in being frustrated about something that cannot be helped. I really wanna see more SB, but that's just not feasible. Sadly, the monthly schedule didn't work even back when everyone was fighting fit.

And, again, at least I can be thankful GT is resonating with people. Therefore there's reason to be optimistic.

Does that sorta clear that up?"

Context says you're glad that everyone got sick and you get to run with GT again.  What's your point?

Says the guy who got defensive when Dmajor just edited one page of GT.  You want to see more SB?  Oh yes great idea let's start WHAM!  Definitely give SB more time right?  And then bitch some more about how the twins aren't in every page.

Monthly schedule works out just fine with PPGD and SB.  And they were coming out more and definitely less copy and paste.  When SB and PPGD were updated you were complaining how you're no longer on the writing team for SB.  When nobody ever kicked you out in the first place.

Why don't you tell the truth that the reason why you got frustrated is because GTAB couldn't goddamn deliver and all that hype went sour.

GT is resonating with people?  Oh god I would so laugh hard if he uses the poll Bleedman made to back this one up.  Last I check on the comic forums.  I believe there's like 10 people that kept back and forth talking about it.  If Griddles really want to see the reaction for GT, tell Bleedman to have a forum open on his DA.  

Let's not forget to mention if they're resonating so well.  Why did you tell them to get over it?

Remember guys GT is more important than him.  If that's the case...retire and have Beeare do GT and PPGD.  Prove it Grids, step down and let Beeare handle it if you claim it's not important.

News 10/27/2011

A few more fans asked Griddles questions on GTWHAM.  ...which ends in hillarious results of him being inconsistent.

"Bleed's call to merge the two. Since they're both his comics anyway, that's his right."

If a storyline is Bleed's call, why would he need you for? a living Microsoft Word?

"The comics themselves won't merge. They seemingly just exist within the same timeline."'s literally just one sentence after the last one he mentioned. Clearly can't continue his own defense.

Oh god I can hear him say. "I said comics won't merge, not the universe they live in."

"There's about 30 years between the events of the two comics. Some people just complain with little reason to."

It can be 300 years later, it's still stepping into PPGD turf.  Can't wait to see him merge his fanfic into GT as well, that'll be great!

"was bleedman idea this?"
Who knows? Bleed has no comment on the matter.

...He just said it was Bleed's decision and now he has no comment...stop putting words into other people's mouth.  We get it, you want to feel important because you work with him.  It's cool.  INB4 "NO I WANT GT TO BE NOTICED NOT ME!"...I wonder what happens if Dmajor takes over GT after he's done with SB LOL.  I'm keeping this one on record.  Because last time Dmajor edited ONE PAGE.  He threw a tard rage saying how he's not losing his "job" to him LOL.

"On the contrary, I like the idea of a shared universe."

Yes because you'll get to be on PPGD's storyline later on rite?   

[10/26/2011 2:36:47 AM] SEIRYUGA: and he said THAT YOU AND HIM are frustrated
[10/26/2011 2:36:50 AM] SEIRYUGA: about the schedule
[10/26/2011 2:37:07 AM] SEIRYUGA: so you're telling me that you're not frustrated.
[10/26/2011 2:37:17 AM] Griddles: no
[10/26/2011 2:37:21 AM] Griddles: I am not frustrated
[10/26/2011 2:37:25 AM] Griddles: used to be, but I got over it
[10/26/2011 2:42:06 AM] SEIRYUGA: why is that?
[10/26/2011 2:46:03 AM] Griddles: cos DMajor's sick, so is BeeAre, and GT is the comic everyone's talking about


Not sure if it'll work.  But that be mah shirt that's on the MLP design thing LOL.  Vote it 5 rank plz :]  

News 10/26/2011

more hilarity before the day is over :P

Bleedheart is an old, misbegotten detail of Sugarbits that I'm sure, had the pacing gone a bit more favourably, would mean a lot more to most of you right about now.

...I don't know what's funnier.  The fact that he's oblivious that he's one of the people to cause the slowdown on the pacing with GTAB and GTWHAM.  Or the fact that he was responsible for the pacing and the story in the very beginning.


Got an interesting question that came up.  What would you guys like to see in PPGD and GT and SB?  what do you guys as fans would've done if you're in charge?

This isn't a character you want in.  But storyline that's already done in 3 comics that you would handle differently or change.

Do love to hear constructive criticism that I can pass down to the writers :]

Here's a good example

Dacrum from Snafu forums:
I'd say the story is a bit contrived. Honestly? Trash Afterbirth. Screw the leak, and, I'll be honest, I've read it. I think it forces you into a hole. The concept is decent at best, and I like the idea, but the execution is... Meh. The connection that Bleedman is making between PPGD and GT feels forced and awkward. Less panty shots. I think it'd be cool if he did a completely original story, maybe expounded on Sugar Bits. It gives you a bit more freedom in things. Kill Gir. Give BR total control of the story.

Also, on a side note, I did read Afterbirth. It is no longer on my computer, I deleted the file. I have not, nor would ever intend to upload it.

I really do hope that the current GT comic is at least somewhat making up for that Afterbirth kerfuffle.

That was a disaster.

LOL, he may admit that the plan was a disaster, but I don't think he'll admit that the content is as well.

Nothing that occurs in PPGD would have an effect on the events of GT whether they are or aren't related. So you can read PPGD and rest assured that there's no spoilerisms.

LOL still trying to say PPGD and GT is in the same timeline :]


new PPGD page!

HEY LOOK! WHAM made a cameo! they're in the same universe after all! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAHH!!!!

and before anyone asked me my phineas and ferb is in...they're cameos chill...bleedman put them in there for "OOOH OOOOH PHINEAS AND FERB HEEEE!!!"

:iconbeeare: "i'm fairly certain bleedman did that just to make people's heads explode lol"

News 10/25/2011

but seriously folks: schedule consistency is my biggest gripe

both me and griddles will tell you there was a monthly cycle that bleedman said he'd put into place but it didn't last and both of us are irritated by it :(


hmm...Monthly cycle.  I wonder who started that schedule?  Me?...Maybe :]


Someone asked Griddles a legitimate question.  If his job is to write and make the story.  Why doesn't he review the artwork as well?  Again this is a comic so anything that is written, will be portrayed into art form.  His reply...

I'm in no position to criticise how he chooses to make his comics. I see nothing that fucks it up. If you do, by all means tell him yourself. I've no doubt he'll welcome that sort of feedback.

My goal is to help make the comics for Bleed and share them with others. That's my priority. Besides that, my job is to do the story. The art is yours to interpret.

Er...yeah you are.  You are in a position to criticize his comics because he's drawing whatever it is that you wrote.  If it doesn't match or looks ungodly ugly.  You should tell him that it is.

But now we know why we got so much copy and pasta in GT and whenever Griddles is involved :]  He doesn't see those and I quote "that fucks it up"

Love the fact that he still tries to sway it to bleed despite it was way more than obvious it was still his responsibility.  

Somehow I'm so damn glad I taught Beeare and Dmajor not to let crap like in GT slide.  Good luck to them as always.

News 10/21/2011

Also, big shout out to a former Bloodsugar member who, despite his standpoint, provides great advertising.

Stay tuned for the brand new sitcom, Shit My Seir Says! Only on CBS!

LOL yes I do provide great advertising don't I?  I provided commentary, and I want people to see your work!  

Thanks for coming to the chat by the way.  Too bad you couldn't keep up with the comments people made to you...which is weird I thought you're the WWE champion, I could've sworn you can handle multiple tasks.  Laundry must be hard to perform.  Is it harder than an armbar?


OH LOOK! A NEW GT PAGE! What I tell you guys?  What's the point in saying PPGD and SB need to catch up when you still make GT pages.  And semi Silhouetting still counts.  LOL

Can't wait for Nightmare moon to show up in this comic seriously.

News 10/19/2011

HAH...apparently after the last SB page now I get questions wether or not SB is ending or not.

Ok.  SB from when I was still on the team was going to end.  Meaning THE END.  Not to be continued, Not Sugar Bits: After Diabetes.  None of that.

But who knows, maybe Griddles got promoted for doing such a good job cuz he's the BEST WRITER EVER.  He'll probably make Sugar Bits continue again, and Bleedman will forever Juggle 3 comics for eternity.

My suggestion would be to reboot the franchise and have Beeare or Dmajor start off from scratch.  Preferably :icondmajorboss: because I think he should be given a chance on how he would've told the story from the beginning.  And I'm sure if I taught him well, there'll be less copy pasta.

BUT BUT SEIR! IF THEY REBOOT WOULDN"T THAT MEAN THEY STILL JUGGLE 3 comics?!  WHY YES! SO! how do we solve this problem? SImple.  Cut off the comic that's a big waste of embarrassing controversial garbage that took more than 2 years to finish an arc.  I'm sure I don't have to point out which one it is right folks? :P

I mentioned this plenty during the livestream.  People should tell bleedman exactly what they want.  Usually I would want more than one sentence to get what you guys want....But...this is Bleedman LOL.  If you guys want Bleedman to update PPGD or SB more often than the incest comic.  Do so.  Say something like "UPDATE PPGD MORE!! WE WANT MORE BELL!"  "REBOOT SB! GRIDDLES RUINED THE INTRO! BOO!"

I'm sure you're all set now and I shouldn't be getting anymore questions about his comics rite!?

News 10/18/2011

"I wonder what's gonna happen with said Gary Stu now that Seir's been excommunicated."

I'm wondering more about the fact that our best writer ever thinks Naga is a "gary stu" when he shows up with very little to no signs of being one.

Me being no longer in the team shouldn't change any plans :iconbeeare: already made with Naga...yes folks, unlike GT we actually planned way ahead with PPGD towards the actual end of the series.  

If Naga or Brave is going to be treated like dirt just because they are associated with me.  That would mean that I actually got under your skin and that the only way you get back at me is through my characters.

Which I think it would be really embarassing for the GREAT AND POWERFUL BLEEDMAN! to succumb to elementary school retorts.  What's next? comission Naga or Brave getting kick in the balls?  LOL

Oh Oh I know maybe Naga impregnate someone and then you "co owned" his kids?

Griddles, maybe you should ask a better question to yourself.  "Why am I still in the same place with Bleedman after 6 years, and still rely on his work to get noticed?"

For more commentary check out this thread in my DA forum :D…

News 10/16/2011

PPGD is updated.… weeks' quite refreshing without the clutter that is GT.  Proud of Vinz, he's doing something right for once.  Then again might spoke to soon.  Let's see how long this will last.

And look...Not a single copy and paste.  Good job :iconbeeare: I taught you well.

News 10/15/2011

SB is updated!

But let's hear what our favorite best writer ever has to say!

Please bring back the twins, please!

Now some of you may think he's joking...but he's not.  SB would've been ...more do I put this..."BLEEDMAN and Griddles"  If Dmajor didn't come to the team.  And somehow I'm glad that it was delayed because of this and Griddles is no longer writing SB.  Last thing I want is another GT.

News 10/13/2011

More on the development of PPGD and GT continuity.

"Either way, however, only the aftermath's gonna be shown. The big battle won't be. Again, that isn't for this comic. Despite the morons out there insisting (after just one page, in fact) that I'm 'obviously' writing my own PPGD history, what you see on the current page is the extent of the ensemble cast of another story altogether - one which will probably never be written.

Ask BeeAre - he might go for it instead."

Showing any result of anything means that the event is written into the story wether or not it will be shown again through GT.  And yes, you are writing your own PPGD history because of what you did here and you claim that it is connected.  "ANOTHER STORY" altogether, but the whole point is that both worlds are in the same timeline.  Which is why it does affect PPGD in the past.

Notice how he tries to shrug it off to Beeare afterwards.

"if the intent was to show the outcome rather than the development of the stakes, you might want to in the future stop bleedman from running wild and producing hypothetical art versions so you yourself are not accused of jumping comics. just a weensy suggestion."

Beeare is suggesting Griddles to maybe perhaps control what bleedman drew and have a say in the process.  Griddles always had this trouble figuring out what is a good decision and bad decision just because Bleedman is the "boss".

"Stop Bleed from adapting something from his own comic?"

TOld you! :P   He now shifts the blame towards Bleedman.

"yes. just because someone has ownership over something does not mean that said ownership exists in a vacuum where it does not impact other things. if you are mindful of potential bad outcomes, you have the authority to at the very least slow him down."

Beeare telling Griddles to pretty much do his job.  YOu are the writer, you decide what is put into the story.  That is your responsiblity despite Bleedman is the lead.

"SB's underway, well and truly. GT won't be far behind".

Subject changed for escape.  LOL   Come on Cena, fight him!

News 10/11/2011

Despite being told by the PPGD writer that both comics are in a seperate universe.  GT writer persists on with this statement "Also, my disclaimer would be: There's only a continuity problem cos BeeAre says there is. He'll prove it to you."

Why would anyone persist that it's the same universe when it can easily still be viable for it to be on a different story telling aspect?  Still want to be in PPGD team I see.

:icongriddles: replies to me in the forum.  "Also, an (the) ex-Bloodsugar staff member is creating a sarcastic and misleading dirtsheet about this whole thing! Ain't that neat?"

Misleading?  Did he not told the fans to "get over it?"  Did he not got into an argument with the PPGD writer?  Did he not try to write PPGD's future for his own amusement?

Claim that he can take any criticism he's sure quick to draw to block me from any sort of communication directly to him.

Every statement that I put in the news and updates are all backed up with proof.  If he feels any different, or claim differently.  Please provide proof.  Or just face me head on?  I thought Cena never backs out from a fight.

NEWS! 10/10/2011

GT's writer :icongriddles: and PPGD :iconbeeare: got into a heated argument about the recent GT decision to merge with PPGD.  
The debate can be seen here.…

It becomes obvious that Griddles is planning to comeback to PPGD by rewriting his own story in GT.  Fans still asked why would the writer need to write about the other heroes when it's supposed to be about another character.

For further discussion please visit…


During the heated argument, an information about SB being updated this week has been released.  Good news for those who have been waiting for SB.


GT crossing over with PPGD!? ---->…
:iconbleedman: IS SO AWESOME AND :icongriddles: IS BEST WRITER! ---->…


Comissions are OPEN!

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

Types of orders:
1 character sketch $5

1 character lineart = $20
1 character full render = $45

1 character Full render (waist up)= $30 Bust.
1 character lineart (waist up) = $15

2 characters or more please note me.

Depending on the detail the price can be changed.  Here's a hint.  The less clothing, the cheaper it is

For guidelines click here...[link]


Livestream/Ustream artwork that I made can now be found in [link]
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chibistick-mini Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011
is this coffee pasta too? :lol: [link]
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
YUP! it is!
chibistick-mini Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011
the plot gets more confusing.,

there are still questions from the GTFDB that needs to be answered but it just keep adding more questionable plot..

i just hope that the SB will stick to the original characters and not going to pull out some characters on the T.V shows i mean is making an OC really that hard? >.> <.<
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Sb shouldn't do any of that
TheonknownKLAW Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Student Filmographer
true, it is funny how Mandy screws everyone she meets.
i bet she's even screwed Pain... hehe :)
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
kovujackson Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
mmm 8 or so years of this comic and i still don't understand the main plot of this story. I like it enough, but the whole incest thing is getting on my nerves, the whole Mandy sleeping with everyone (for no other reason than breeding strong offspring (WHAT FOR, THOUGH???)) and Minny's powers being taken away and given to the bro was a down side for me. and i still stayed hoping that this would all be cleared up in the end.

yet now we have Mimi, who we are learning more about which seems to me like we are starting a new arc and yet not ever going to explain WHY this story was started in the first place. there is no end....
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
pretty much :]
SpiderPotterFan Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
With this last post you reminded me the Angry Video Game Nerd :)
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
LOL yes I should do something like that.
PhantomVampy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
Honestly, this whole thing is rather amusing.
As much as the comics annoy me, the conflicts that come from them are quite entertaining. Reading these arguments, and what you are all saying about it - it just seems like it's all a lot more trouble than its worth. Most of the fans, for Grim Tales, especially, are too young to realize some of the darker undertones to it. And I say 'darker', in reference to the the incest. That seems to be a popular theme with it all.
Some of it might not be an issue if *bleedman seemed at all concerned with the ages of his 'fans' and readers. I was only nine when I started reading Grim Tales - no one at that age is going to understand that dressing up and portraying characters as sluts is wrong. Freedom within art, certainly - but, the storyline appears to have been targeted at a younger audience. 'Mature' pre-teens, huh? Sure - there's violence, and some inappropriate themes, as well as language - but I guess that's just the price of entertainment, now.

It is good that you are off the team, though. It's easier to remain indifferent on something if it does not directly affect you. I mean, there is still an obvious bias to both arguments, but now you don't have to worry about every word that you say in relation to it.
At the same time, however, they really do need to have someone that knows what they are doing on board with this.
If I may ask; why are the comics in English if *bleedman is...lacking in his knowledge of it? That may be one of the issues. Has he considered studying the language at all? It might sort out his apparent missunderstanding of certain definitions.
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
OH WOW! yeah the comic did start about 7 years ago. Good to hear from a young reader explaining how she feels about it :]

Well it may seem like bias, but that's because the decisions made by the GT team are most of the time questionable. And in this case is how the member of that team tend to gloat and prance around how they think is the best.

As for the mature themes and language, that's really the writer of GT's choice of words. He thinks that cursing left and right would make the comic more mature therefore intended for mature audiences...*shrug* I think it's stupid, I think what makes a comic for mature audiences is talking about a mature situation instead of having a lack of vocabulary to use.

If PPGD did the same thing I would bash them as well LOL.

The comic is in english because Bleedman hired :icongriddles: to translate it in english and not to mention it is a universal language.
PhantomVampy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
Well - I haven't read them in a while. Two years, perhaps?
It seems like they have sacrificed plot content for their own personal enjoyment. Whish needs to be what defines comic creators from simple artists - artists don't necessarily need to heed what their fans want from them, but comic readers will lose interest in something if it changes too much, or goes off in any unpleasant direction.

There is bias in everything - it is natural to have opinions towards something. I am biased in the fact that I think the comics have grown too immature, and pointless, despite the previous 'issues' that I mentiones. You are, because you used to work on their team. Used to, being key - you left for a reason, and it does show in everything being said.
'Gloat and prance' - oh, I do love your use of words, there.

True. Though, the cursing makes it all seem rather childish. The only logical reason for someone to do that is either because they think it makes them sound better, or they really cannot think of anything intelligent to say. For instance, if I commented using vulgar language, allowing petty emotions to take control of my words, then this either would have been ignored, or you would react to it in a way that would prevent understanding on both of our parts.
I agree. The irony in the situation is that they could easily change things around, if they bothered to look at what they were doing. They could still continue the storyline - it might be a bit better, though, if they thought a few things over. Keeping the stories seperate, certainly.
And isn't Junior the main character? It seems to me like they have strayed from his perspective, instead focusing on how much Minnie wants to snog him.
It also seems like they have forgotten that she was killed. It doesn't matter if she was 'brought back to life' - that is a traumatic experience. The other characters would react. Not to say that they haven't - but to many unecessary elements have been brought in, and readers tend to forget how this comic started.
If characters are to be believable, then they need to have appropriate reactions.

I can imagine. Though, it seems to be heading down a similar path - you might as well get a head start on that. :]

Ah. Thank you.
Though, that doesn't explain why he did not make a better attempt to study the language. Should they not have anticipated that, because it is a 'universal language', the readers would be, predominantly, English? Nearly everything that they would have to say about it would be in that language. Not to mention that if he is doing the artwork to accompany it, that there will be major inconsistencies because of this? It means that he won't notice any flaws that appear, in terms of character.
Is there even an editor for it? The whole thing seems rather unproffesional, to me.
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I don't think that's a biased opinion at all that you gave, I think that's an honest one and you have a source to compare it to correct?

Actually just because I work for them doesn't mean that I can't be unbiased. I work for them even if they kick me out, if they do something good, I will say they did a good job :]

Agreed what you said about the GT viewpoints. YOu might want to give that to :icongriddles: good luck... LOL. But yes I agree that characters should have a believable expression and emotion.

Head start on what?

HAHAH! don't say that "unprofessional" word to him. ANd yes it is very unprofessional especially on how the writer was handling his fan. That's why I thought for humor sake I put up a journal showing their activities, and whatever occured I just wrote it down for everyone to see.

And yes there is an editor, the two I mention :icongriddles: and :iconbeeare: are the ones doing so. Griddles is on Grim tales. Beeare on PPGD :]

Sugar Bits his original work is on hiatus due to the writer/editor for that comic being very ill.
PhantomVampy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
Bias, by definition, is offering anything other than explicit facts. Any evidence, however, offered in an attempt at persuasion, is biased information.
True, but it is difficult not to be.
Guess they haven't done anything good, then. XD

So, you suggest that I should say something similar to =Griddles?

You mentioned that if they went anywhere in that direction with PPGD, then you would react in some way. I cannot remember what.
It was a poor attempt at humour - never mind.

Don't worry. I won't. I know what is appropriate to say to certain people. No matter how true it may be.

Well, as I said, they don't seem to be doing much. There are so many errors in the comics that I noticed, even from just skimming through them.
A few other people have posted videos on youtube about it. Inconsistencies, errors, and things that just annoyed them. It's rather interesting to watch. :]
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I wouldn't say that. The GT page with the PPGD characters in it was well drawn. I don't like the concept but it was well drawn. Just because the guy doesn't like me anymore doesn't mean that I hate him and everything he does. :P

Yes, give him constructive criticism. ANd a bit of a hint, if he says something along the line of "I'll take it under consideration/advisement" he means he'll ignore it :P

Whoa? wait...videos? cool can you link them to me? I would love to see it.
PhantomVampy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
No - I didn't say that. I understand what you mean entirely - however, I do not believe that just because something may look good, it is entirely appropriate. Basically, I agree with everything that you are saying.

Yes. People say things like that often. I use that line - or a similar one - myself, sometimes, just to get people to stop badgering me about something.
Though, in that case, is there anything that I should say? I can either counter or ignore it - if I ignore it, then nothing will get done. However, if I counter it, then it could simply cause trouble.

You can find almost anything on that site. If people want to rant about something, then the easiest way is to record something, post a video, then leave it up for people to judge.
I can't seem to find many. There was one that I rememberede - it was to people reading through the comics, pointing out the things that bugged them - contrarywise, if something was done well, then they would also be sure to mention it.
This one, though, I did manage to find. It seems a bit childish, but, it is their opinion. All the power to them for saying it.

Along with this, there are some reviews. This one, though quite entertaining to read, only points out the things that they did not like. (As much as I have read, at least) [link]

AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
counter him as much as possible LOL

yeah the reviews are pretty vicious LOL.

But the first time I heard about the video though LOL.

Thanks again :] Be sure to do the same to :iconbeeare: :icongriddles: :icondmajorboss: for their respective comics :D
(1 Reply)
kingdomhearts1111 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
It's offcial griddles really doesn't give a shit about his own readers.
Panda-knight Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Epsonthegiraffe Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
PPGD should just kill off Mandy. Voila, Problem solved. Once she is dead Grim Tale can never happen in the PPGD universe.

I dislike GT anyway so I don't follow that storyline.
Diseased-Crab Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Here's a better idea....Have the series END...and never be resurrected again.
Epsonthegiraffe Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011
Thats an even better idea sure but I would love to piss of Griddles by killing off Mandy.
She isn't even a good character I can't stand her. Nothing would be wasted if she is gone.
Diseased-Crab Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011  Student Traditional Artist

...sooo interesting, dont give her TOO much depth griddles
TheOctoberScarf Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
DAMNIt I was gonna ssay that.
quttles Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist
woah! the first longest journal I've ever seen on DA :wow:
pokediged Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Agree with u.....problems about between GT & PPGD comics.....*Sigh
rockingroll123 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist knew not a lot of people will like GTAB as a real comic book.I mean a great cartoon character(Is Mandy a good character?I dunno I like her)has whored herself to like what four different men?Have Grim Jr,Minnie,Mimi(I dunno I still think Mandys Mimi mom)Manny,and Danielle.Who wants to see that only people who are really fans .I'm pissed about everything they do for these comics.
BB-K Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, I can't believe this is already quite of a rampage. :o
Diseased-Crab Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Alternate reality?....Griddles dont try and pull a Marvel or're not that creative.
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
HOly god! it's unbelievable! he wants it in that badly. This is why I accuse this stupid shit for wanting to be on PPGD so badly because he wants to create their future.
Diseased-Crab Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
ugh despite the fact that he can't write for crap and the story is so confusing that it makes inception look simple...HOW IS THIS SHIT POPULAR?...oh yeah cameos and pantyshots
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
it's "DARK!" wooo?!

Fred Fredburger should be the main character in GT. At least then I know it'll be fucking hillarious.
Diseased-Crab Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
DARK AND GAWTHIC yeah only IMage comics can pull that off...and batman

OH FUCK YEAH imagine oogie boogie's all acting out of character and shit then Fred goes YES...i say Fred Fredburger for DLC in MArvel vs Capcom 3
kingdomhearts1111 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
Okay griddles is more of a idiot then bleedman and i hope breeare got my message of being a man.
TheOctoberScarf Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
My reaction to BeeAre: [link]
NightlightSapphire Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Did the McGriddles just get SERVED?
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
it went over his head unfortunately :P
Queenbee543 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Student Writer
This a one huge rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
YES IT IS! Nah it's just me updating on people on the team :]

Even if I'm no longer on the team I can still report their activities :]
Queenbee543 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Student Writer
Queenbee543 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Student Writer
Idk whether to be scared or scream!!!!!!!!!
Melcadrien Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree that this is entertaining. I do agree that his point about violence is wrong. There are a few pages of violence and/or violent behavior so it doesn't discount that it had violence to begin with.
TheOctoberScarf Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
@:icongriddles:Sure they wont sell because they involve copyrighted characters and fucked up storylines,because, of you Mandy is a whore who did it with 3 guys, Nergal Jr.,Dark Danny,and whoever the fuck Jr.'s father is,and made her kids, Jr. and Minnie, who are brother and sister from different daddies and same mother,want to be in love,so lets see, copyright,abusing characters, incest, YOU LOSE!
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Tell that to him. Maybe that's his humor LOL
TheOctoberScarf Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Some sick fucked up humor, did you tell them the only reason you have fans is because most of them like the art?And if it was drawn differently it would suck donkey dick?
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
pretty much. But that's what a comic supposed to be. It supposed to tell the story and the art at the same time. They don't have this ability to make them blend.

I'm not saying PPGD and SB are good in this area as well. But when we saw the video footage of a fan who put the comic panels together...THEY LOOK INCREDIBLE!
TheOctoberScarf Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ya,u know im surprised there not on palcomix
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
not familiar with palcomix but I know for sure their team is a lot bigger than Bleed's
TheOctoberScarf Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Its like rule34 but with detailed pics and comics.
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